65 - Is Keto Too Restrictive

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Let’s talk about feeling too restrictive when it comes to eating. I have seen plenty of fitness bloggers on Instagram and other platforms where they are focused on ways to lose weight and other things through various forms of diets. But they will always exclude keto from the content because it “seems” restrictive. 

The one thing that I find appalling is that there are no regulations on what you see on the internet, so if you follow people that are all about fitness, they might pour down some thoughts about what they think about keto without really knowing the details of it. I have recently seen plenty of podcasts showcasing how keto is not the best possible solution for others. But is this necessary? 

The light shed on keto is all about restricting people to have carbs. That is what people have to say. But this isn’t how things really go. The truth is that almost every diet is restrictive, it doesn’t matter what you choose. Eating healthy itself is a restriction and what may feel as a restriction to many. 

What Is Restriction?

Restriction is essentially a feeling that you have when you try to follow a healthy lifestyle. On the broader spectrum, it is all about how you think. No matter what diet you go for, you will see that there is always a restriction present and that only has to do with how you are feeling about it. 

Whether you’re counting your macros or eating carbs, you will still need to restrict something to get to your goal. When losing your weight, people will mainly tell you to go for calorie deficit. This, again is a restriction that you will have to imply. The thing is, you will also face restrictions when you’re doing keto, but that is the case with doing any kind of diet out there. Others might put a different perspective saying that you can fix in junk food for your meals as well to cover your calories. 

The Emotional Restriction

The saying that keto is for everyone and carbs are killing you isn’t something that you should believe. It needs to be altered for every individuals. What I really feel is a restriction is losing the ability to control your food and losing the progress that you have built over the years. If someone doesn’t eat healthy, then it shows in their emotional health. Ryan believes that he doesn’t feel as great when eating carbs and sugars excessively. 

While some people believe eating whatever you want to be freeing, it can also pose emotional and mental restrictions on the other person. So, saying keto is restrictive doesn’t hold for every individual out there as it can be purely subjective to how you think and how well your thoughts are when it comes to food. 

Judging Keto Based On A Few

The problem that exists is that many individuals sneak into the consumers or audience’s messages and hand out messages about ketones and other tools that will help them lose weight faster. Because of these few people, the entire idea of keto has come under a lot of questions. That is not how things go in keto and there are only a few people representing the platform under such a negative light. 

Eating In A Sustainable Manner

The truth is that everyone aims for the same thing, to be healthy, no matter what form of diet you are following. So, rather than focusing on the different methods, it is important to focus on doing something that is sustainable and will help you reach your end goals when it comes to your health. 

If I knew that I could eat donuts without having panic attacks, then I would easily be able to eat them. But since I cannot, then I do not feel the need to feed my body these things. Some people follow the diet to not be on it in the long run. This is normal as keto is not for the long run. You might start with the idea of losing weight, but the long run reasonings should dive deeper than just weight loss. 

The Reason For Doing Keto

People are always looking for quick ways to lose weight fast through keto. People would come up to me and say that they have lost any pounds since the last four days, and I would get so confused because that is not sustainable. Rather than focusing it all on weight loss, it is important to understand the underlying reasons as to why you wish to lose weight and what you feel about the entire process of the weight loss as well. 

I have a love for keto, and I don’t appreciate people saying unfair things about it. But I would like to understand why they would say things, such as keto being restrictive. What I have come to know is that they are all about using shortcuts, unsustainable ways to get to their goals. But with what I teach, it is different because I try to incorporate a process of self-understanding for my clients. 

Is Keto For Everyone?

I, personally, believe that keto might not be well-suited for everyone. This has more to do with the fact that there are other goals that people wish to achieve. While low-carb diets are still more doable for the vast majority, keto is only for those who are looking for a way to sustain their healthy eating habits. 

Everybody has their own path, but it all comes down to going through a process that is sustainable process. It is not about knocking down someone else’s process. Instead, it is about making sure that the person is making progress, no matter what method they choose. 

For me, keto helped me get through and make the progress that I have now. Things work differently for every person, and it all revolves around what helps with your mental health. Every form of diet is going to be restrictive in some ways or the other. You might think that you’re not able to eat bagels while doing keto, but you can. You get to have keto bagels that are equally delicious. Whether it is counting macros or any other program, they are all restrictive in different ways. So, you can’t judge keto based on items that you’re not too clear about. 

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