94 - Going Back to Basics Even When You’re Experienced

5 min

We would both consider ourselves pretty experienced at doing the things that create the lives we want. Practicing consistency, eating the right amount of food, and not indulging in the drama our brains offer us are things we feel pretty confident in, and yet, sometimes we find ourselves off track. 

No matter how experienced you are, going back to basics is where it’s at. There is no point at which the basics don’t apply to you anymore, and when you inevitably find yourself off the path you intended, or a day of eating off plan turns into a week, having a basic protocol in place will always help you get back on track without the confusion and drama. 

Tune in as we show you how having a basic setup provides so much confidence in jumping straight back into a routine that serves you. We’re sharing the freedom available to you when you’ve got one simple practice that you can always rely on, and showing you why it’s the key to getting to a place of ease with your goals. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What the basics are when it comes to creating a body or weight that you want.
  • Why, even when you’re experienced, you can get off track with your goals. 
  • A basic setup that will always help you get back on track. 
  • The power of having a protocol to fall back on.
  • Why you might be self-sabotaging your progress. 

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Maggie: What is up?

Ryan: What is up?

Maggie: Welcome to the Sustaining Keto podcast you guys.

Ryan: Welcome.

Maggie: That sounded serious, it’s like freaking thanks for being here. Truly, thanks for being here. Thanks for listening to the podcast. Thanks for sharing the podcast.

Ryan: Thanks for leaving a review. Thanks for subscribing.

Maggie: Thanks for leaving – I just want to thank you in advance for that because be honest, the listens are up, they’re pretty up.

Ryan: Pretty up.

Maggie: Which means that it’s spreading and your guys reviews help that and telling your friends and your homies.

Ryan: The amount of – the quantity of reviews to listeners does not equate right now so let’s get that number closer.

Maggie: Ryan, let’s just – if you guys have got any value from this podcast we would love a review. We love to hear why you listen. Why do you tune in?

Ryan: Yeah, why the freak do you listen to this?

Maggie: Yeah, let us know.

Ryan: It’s a great question.

Maggie: What you’ve gotten out of it.

Ryan: This week on TikTok I learned about this apple pie oatmeal recipe thing. It has carbs. So, if you don’t like carbs it’s not going to work for you. But it’s got – you cook applies in sugar free choc zero caramel syrup and put cinnamon. Then you put Greek yoghurt in a mason jar with rolled oats and a little bit of milk.

Maggie: Guys, he just learned what overnight oats are. I know it’s 2021 but he just learned.

Ryan: I love oatmeal, I’ve always loved oatmeal.

Maggie: I know. But haven’t you heard of overnight oats?

Ryan: I still don’t know. Do you just put them in the fridge?

Maggie: Basically, you prepped it the night before and it sits in what – they get really soft?

Ryan: Yeah, they do.

Maggie: So, you can make oatmeal without the whole deal. I mean yours is kind of fancy but people can do it without needing a stove and all that when they do it, overnight oats.

Ryan: Yeah, it’s very high protein, good break your fast meal. And I’ve been eating it every day. It’s very, very tasty.

Maggie: He loves apple pie and stuff. I haven’t had oatmeal in ages. Even when we first met you used to make instant oatmeal, yeah, I don’t.

Ryan: Yes. And you refused to even taste it.

Maggie: Instant oatmeal?

Ryan: The thing I make.

Maggie: Yeah, I don’t, I’m not interested in that. I’m just not interested. We have different tastes. I did tell him I did used to eat oatmeal all the time. And it was oatmeal cooked normal with a little bit of salt until the water’s gone. And then you put it into a thing and it’s just like slosh. And then you put milk in it, just normal ass milk and then sugar, straight sugar. And it is balm, it is so good. And I almost wonder about, listen, I don’t screw around with almond milk. I do use it in my coffee but you guys who are putting it in cereal and stuff I’m just like, why? How? No. So I won’t.

But I would be interested in making oatmeal, putting milk in it, just normal milk. And then a sugar replacement, like Lokanto is really granulated and wondering if it tastes the same. Because I’m literally pouring two tablespoons of sugar. It wasn’t light sugar but it was delicious and it was warm but also cold, because it was warm because of the oats and cold because of the milk and it just really takes me back.

So, I get your passion for oatmeal but in this day and age in the life that I lead I can’t make it happen. And I don’t want cold oatmeal. I’ll just, I’ll tell you that right now. I’m just not attracted to overnight oats in any shape or form.

Ryan: Yeah. Maybe one day you’ll just at least taste it.

Maggie: Maybe one day.

Ryan: I eat it every day.

Maggie: But you mix it with that blueberry protein.

Ryan: Bro.

Maggie: It’s a no. It’s a no for me. You making apples with blueberry protein.

Ryan: The taste doesn’t even really come through. Would you just give it…

Maggie: You also love that blueberry protein though, so we don’t agree on taste stuff.

Ryan: But a little taste, just give it a little taste just to get the flavor. You don’t have to eat it.

Maggie: I’m keto right now so I just can’t make it happen. I’ll look on my calendar for next time I’ll have an opening. Anyways so…

Ryan: What did you learn on TikTok this week?

Maggie: I don’t know. I don’t remember stuff, okay?

Ryan: Did you discover that Justin Bieber sang on TikTok?

Maggie: Oh my gosh. I don’t even think it’s a Justin Bieber song, that’s the thing.

Ryan: What’s the guy’s name again?

Maggie: Laroi or something, L-A-R-O-I.

Ryan: Yeah, because he sounds like…

Maggie: It’s called Stay and it is so good. And if you guys just want to dump some serotonin and dopamine into your veins, I know we’re talking about – we talk about dopamine a good amount on this podcast. Put that song on repeat and get your ass into the gym because it’ll just – the endorphins, you won’t even know. And I don’t know if anyone can relate to this but I’m the type of person that once I find a song I like I will listen to it on repeat for days. Do you do that? You don’t do that.

Ryan: I can confirm that you do that.

Maggie: But you don’t.

Ryan: No.

Maggie: No. And I’m like it doesn’t get any worse, it’s just as good. It doesn’t stop. It’s just I can’t get enough. It’s too good. And that’s what I did with this song. And so any – it’s kind of like the get it, get it, get it.

Ryan: But you discovered it…

Maggie: People send me that all the time.

Ryan: Yeah. You discovered it on TikTok, right?

Maggie: I did discover it on TikTok.

Ryan: Interesting.

Maggie: Because of funny people, guys. The people on TikTok are so funny. I feel so inadequate when I’m on TikTok because I just think people are so funny and so creative.

Ryan: Well, you see all of the stuff that’s gone viral and that’s the top tier of humor.

Maggie: I know but it’s so good and people seem – it’s like people on Reddit. Is it Reddit? No, is it Reddit?

Ryan: The comments section on Reddit?

Maggie: The comments section on Reddit where you’re just like, what?

Ryan: And here’s the thing about that.

Maggie: Well, how do people think?

Ryan: You upvote every comment and that’s why you see.

Maggie: I know. I know you’re seeing the best of the best. But still, I’m like where are these Reddit people, where are they? And I don’t spend any time on Reddit. I just, any time I have looked for something or Ryan has sent me stuff I’m like that shit is so funny.

Ryan: The comments section on TikTok is very similar to Reddit. And people will leave comments, you can tell it’s a funny competition of who can be the funniest in the comments section too. And it’s just so different from Instagram.

Maggie: Yeah, it is.

Ryan: People don’t do that on Instagram.

Maggie: No, they do not. It’s a wild world out there, guys.

Ryan: People get mad on Instagram.

Maggie: People get  mad on TikTok too. I saw someone do one and they’re like, “You totally missed the point. You totally missed the point.” It’s a joke and it’s like, again, let me explain the intricacies of every thought that I have in this six second clip, this will explain everything you need to know about me, my life experience, what I believe, what I teach. All of it in this six seconds you will definitely know who I am as a person. And it’s like no, that’s impossible. But that’s how people act. They act like if you acknowledge this then all the stuff you’ve ignored.

It was six seconds. It was six seconds. It’s impossible. What you’re asking of me is impossible. I don’t know what I learned on TikTok. But if I were to say what was the most valuable thing, it was definitely finding that song. And I just feel if you know me you know that memes are my love language. But TikTok is memes in life. TikTok is live moving memes. So, I will laugh my ass off alone, no regrets. I don’t need anyone – yes, I will send Ryan the funniest stuff to me. But it doesn’t matter. I don’t need anyone else to see it.

This was for me, this was what I needed. This was a gift. This is for my joy and I will just laugh so hard. And I just feel – I’m so surprised at how many people know how to dance. And I’m so surprised by how funny people are. And I see the goodness of humanity in TikTok. I don’t see the goodness of humanity in the comments section for the most part. But as far as the creators and I’m just like people are funny, why does every 16 year old kid know how to dance? Is that a thing? I don’t feel like that existed when I was young. And I just love it.

And I laugh so hard at stuff because why? Because it’s relatable. Because it’s just like, you know that guy who does the videos of school teachers, have you seen that? He does the videos of school teachers walking in, at a field trip and they’ve got big a dangly thing and he’s like, “Okay, yeah, I know, I told her, she’s, yeah.” And then he talks to the kids, he’s like, “Can I sit here? What are you having for lunch?” And he – just exactly experiences that you’ve had with other humans in your life. And people will recreate them to music or to a voiceover and it’s just…

Ryan: The Home Depot music.

Maggie: The Home Depot, guys, they keep doing stuff about dads with floods. And someone goes out on their porch and takes a video. And every dad is outside of his house, and dude, they do The Home Depot. They do, can you put it in here? Oh no. Yeah, it’s The Home Depot theme song but it’s all these dads that are checking if there’s a 20…

Ryan: It’s just like typical dad stuff.

Maggie: Yeah, typical dad stuff but that’s the background and it’s just so…

Ryan: The Home Depot.

Maggie: I sent it to Ryan, I was just dying, just dying. I’m just saying if you think that TikTok is just for 12 year old’s that are dancing, you have to give it another shot.

Ryan: You have to train the algorithm what you like. Don’t just open the app.

Maggie: Go search for what you like, watch what you like.

Ryan: I think I’ve said this before.

Maggie: Like what you like and then it will custom feed you, kind of like my Spotify feed. What a time to be alive. I’m telling you about TikTok on our podcast that you probably found from Instagram. We also have a YouTube, if you want to check out Ryan on Spotify.

Ryan: Algorithms.

Maggie: Algorithms, it’s a lot, guys, it’s a lot.

Ryan: Your Spotify algorithm is pretty on point.

Maggie: My Spotify algorithm is just pop top 40 what did you love in 2007.

Ryan: What are we talking about this week?

Maggie: This week we’re going to talk – a quick segway. This week we’re going to talk about something that Ryan’s talked to me about as I look it up in my phone. You text me – most of our podcast ideas come from random text messages like the last episode.

Ryan: And then I’ll immediately follow it up with podcast idea.

Maggie: Exactly, podcast idea.

Ryan: Did you write it down? Hope you wrote that down.

Maggie: But this one he literally said, “Hope you’re writing these down.” And I didn’t write it down, I just took a screenshot. And did you know you can save screenshots in the notepad of your phone? And you were talking about removing thought drama and going back to basics even when you’re experienced. So, Ryan, do you want to elaborate on that?

Ryan: I feel like I am a pretty experienced dieter. Would you say that’s true?

Maggie: Would you like to use that exact phrasing?

Ryan: I knew the second I said it you were going to hate it.

Maggie: What do you feel you’re experienced at if you were going to get factual instead of abstract like dieting?

Ryan: I am experienced at eating the right amount of foods to lose weight. I am experienced at being consistent. I am experienced at not letting my brain get dramatic with me. I’m experienced at having a level head consistently. I’m experienced at yeah, those are some pretty good things.

Maggie: So, you’re just experienced, so if you were going to swap out dieting it’s like you know how to do this, you know how to lose weight, you know how to do the shit you’ve got to do. Because the fact of the matter is in order to have a certain thing like a body or a weight that you want to have, you have to be doing the things that create that for you. And you’re good at the things that create this body for you.

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Ryan: So, what does this stem from? I honestly don’t remember the conversation.

Maggie: I mean the conversation probably came up because of the strain and that you needed to get back to basics.

Ryan: Yeah. I mean the basics are kind of where it’s at. No matter how experienced you are and how good you think are at eating exception meals and how often you do them. I think no matter how experienced you are, things can get slippery. And I think sometimes we will go on doing things because I have all these beliefs that I’m experienced that it doesn’t matter.

Maggie: That you’re untouchable or something.

Ryan: Yeah, the basics don’t matter. I don’t need to do the basics anymore.

Maggie: So, tell me what you think the basics are.

Ryan: The basics are writing down your freaking plan.

Maggie: It’s literally just knowing what I’m going to do, doing that. And not overeating or just mindlessly eating, or emotionally eating, which everything I teach, everything you guys learn on the podcast.

Ryan: Yeah, I mean what are the basics? What are the basics?

Maggie: I mean those are it. You want to be planning your food. Let me tell you what I think the basics are because again, Ryan and I tend to go through things at the same time ish because we’re married. And I love – you guys, you guys, excuse me, I have an announcement. This is so serious. I’m going to tell you guys something.

Ryan: Let’s not forget the train of thought before we move forward here.

Maggie: Yes, do you remember what it is, the train of thought?

Ryan: No. No.

Maggie: Okay, I know what it is. Remind me about protocol after this is done. So, I love cinnamon rolls a lot. I love them so, so much. I found, I don’t know, randomly, on DoorDash, I was just searching cinnamon rolls. And we found a bakery in Lehi, the Lehi Bakery, not sponsored but honestly, if you want to sponsor me in cinnamon rolls, dude, hit your girl up. They’re on DoorDash, you guys, they deliver doughnuts and cinnamon rolls the size of your head with raisins.

Ryan: Literally the size of your face.

Maggie: The size of your face and let me tell you something that honestly will go down in history is the most loving gesture of all time. I had a coaching call a couple of weeks ago. Ryan needed to get the kids out of the house because it was on a Saturday. He took the kids to get a doughnut. And when I came back up I’m telling you about my coaching call, what are we going to do for the day. And Ryan has picked me up a cinnamon roll.

Ryan: Now, I know you love cinnamon rolls, you always have as long as I’ve known you. We’ve always talked about driving 30 minutes away to the bakery that we know of.

Maggie: It’s a little inconvenient right now.

Ryan: That we know has good cinnamon rolls. So, we were trying a new bakery, I walked in, I knew, I saw them.

Maggie: They have raisins, guys.

Ryan: It’s like one of those little hole in the wall bakeries where they bake new stuff every day. So, it’s legit. It is legit. These cinnamon rolls are so freaking good.

Maggie: Dude, they’re better than the ones that I would tell you are the best I’ve ever tried. And they deliver to your house, you guys.

Ryan: You could get on our phone.

Maggie: I could get one right now while we’re recording this and it would be here by the time we’re done.

Ryan: It’s too easy.

Maggie: Way too easy.

Ryan: Too good, too easy.

Maggie: Yeah. So, he surprises me with one and I know it was not on my plan. And sometimes I think – I talk to my clients a lot about how sometimes we do a lot of eating that’s stupid and you’d never remember it. This cinnamon roll was not that. I didn’t shut up about this cinnamon roll for days.

Ryan: For days.

Maggie: I mean I was texting him about it. I was thanking him. You know what I mean? You’ve got to know when it’s going to be worth it to maybe not follow your plan, maybe just go ahead and eat the thing someone bought for you because I also coach people. I think this happened way too frequently. It doesn’t happen for me very often where I’m just like, “Someone got it.” But this was a no brainer for me. And that cinnamon roll was so good. But then there were some things that I would say that that cinnamon roll was kind of a start of a pretty wonky week for the both of us, would you say?

Ryan: For sure. For sure.

Maggie: For sure. So, we want to just be relatable in that sense that that shit totally happens. And what I love the most, I’m going to get off the cinnamon roll topic. But I want to say that sometimes you’ll have something that’ll kind of open the door for lots of more choices that are like no, this week is kind of funky. I meant to get back on Tuesday, okay, meant to get back on Wednesday, okay, was meant to get back on Thursday. And you just keep trying to get back. And then all of a sudden it’s the weekend again and it’s like, well. And that happens.

It totally, totally happens even when you’re like Ryan said, untouchable, and experienced, and this hasn’t happened in so long. I haven’t done this. Vacation sometimes it happens. We talked about how it kind of happened in Florida. But being at our house and just feeling a little bit out of control food wise, hasn’t happened in a long time. So, what I love the most is that we are so experienced with this that we really do have a basic package, a basic setup that if you just utilize it you will get back on track.

And so, for me that’s always been my protocol. That’s what I teach people in Vibe Club specifically of the specifics on making a protocol and what are you going to eat? What’s it going to look like you creating that framework for yourself. And my protocol to this day, I’m not saying it never changes but it never fails me. It’s always there, always. And no, that doesn’t mean it’s super easy, you just start doing what you were doing before. But there’s no confusion when you’re ready to make the choice of doing what you’ve got to do. You just do what works.

And if there’s aspects of it that don’t work, there may be some stuff that needs to be adjusted. But when he says going back to the basics, that’s going to look pretty different for everybody. Yes, there’s always going to be from my point of view and the way I teach making a plan, following that plan, really not eating outside of that plan because we assume that that plan takes care of your needs with what gets you to your goals and what’s sustainable and all of that. And then the hunger stuff, not just mindlessly eating your face off.

But then there’s also the aspect of what you specifically do and what me and you do is different, right?

Ryan: Yeah.

Maggie: But we both have our own kind of basic package, is that I would call it where it’s like this simple is very black and white. For me I wake-up I have ketones, I have maybe coffee with creamer, MCT collagen. I have two meals, I have one snack that’s going to be lately and almost always either very protein packed or very protein and fat kind of equally packed. Then sometimes and a lot of the time a keto treat, easy. And that eating window starts for me around 12, ends for me, lately it’s been a lot earlier, but that’s different for you.

Ryan: Going back to the basics for me, I’ll be honest, I’ll attribute 90% of me getting back on track was just writing it down.

Maggie: Ryan, please say that louder for the people in the back that did not hear you.

Ryan: There is such a big difference between making your plan in your head and writing it down. And the difference for me getting back on track this time was writing it down.

Maggie: And why? It’s because you guys are leaving the issues with your brain up to your brain to handle in your brain. You know what I mean? You’re like I think I’m going to have this. And then it gets, I don’t know if I want that and should I add that? Should I add extra ranch? We try to do all of that math equation, all of those decision-makings in our head with our head. Where it’s, no, what you do when you write it down, that’s why people see so much amazing results from that choice is because it doesn’t let your brain make up stories.

Because this is what you planned to eat and this is what you did eat. So, it’s not about my day was screwed. I did good. I did bad. There’s no story there. There’s this is what I planned and this is what I ate. Here’s the difference why. That’s why so many people have success, because they’re like, “I had no idea.” I just had someone write this in the Facebook group. “I had no idea how much extra eating I was doing because I never looked at it. I never saw it. How could I? It was all in my brain.” Don’t leave it up to your brain to deal with your brain.

You can do that but get it out so you can look at it while you process it, rather than trying to process it in the same place where you’re making those decisions in the moment all day. And then you’re exhausted. That’ll take out – that’s a huge – you guys, I’m just trying to control your life by making you write your plan. People can get so dramatic about it. It should take you 60 seconds. It shouldn’t vary too much.

Ryan: It took me, this morning it took me seven seconds.

Maggie: Seven seconds.

Ryan: Do you know why?

Maggie: Because your basic package is so clear. You only have a couple of things to fill out, right?

Ryan: Is the title of this episode going to be basic package?

Maggie: I don’t know, dude, I don’t know. What’s your basic package? This isn’t the extravagant extra package, this isn’t the deluxe package, this is the basic package. This is not necessarily you at your best, best and highest self. This is you at the this is the bare minimum shit I’ve got to do.

Ryan: I’ve gotta get it done today.

Maggie: To get this thing back on course. This is not like and tomorrow I won’t eat until 8:00pm. And any time Ryan’s brain tries to go there where it’s pushing it out so, so, so far it’s like no, we want to go to the basic package. We want to go to the what’s going to be realistic? What’s going to be a constraint? What’s going to stretch me but not going to stretch me till I snap, basic package. And mine is so simple.

Ryan: Yeah, and then just writing it down, you decide what you’re going to eat at the beginning of the day and so there’s no debate later.

Maggie: Yeah, because the you that shows up at dinnertime without a plan is the you that had to deal with all your mental bullshit, and all the circumstances in your life all day long, that’s the you choosing different.

Ryan: If you’ve never written down what you’re going to eat for the day, if you’re listening and you’ve never done it, just please try, try tomorrow. Try tomorrow, write everything down before you start your day.

Maggie: And then write down everything. You shouldn’t have to write down much outside of that unless you don’t follow it at all.

Ryan: Just trust me.

Maggie: But it’s such a good exercise because if you write it down…

Ryan: You remove all of the conversations in your head.

Maggie: Negotiations.

Ryan: The negotiations, yes. It’s so freeing to remove that stuff.

Maggie: And see, other people would be like, it’s so restricting. And it’s like, no, it’s not, no one’s making your plan for you. You’re making it. You don’t want to argue with yourself. I don’t want to be the me later for the me who the earlier chose it. It is you, it’s all you, you’re choosing it. You’re writing everything down. So, no one’s making you do anything. No one’s making you do anything, bottom line. But the encouragement of this is so that you can get a really clear vision on what you’re doing rather than having your brain decide with blanket statements how you’re doing.

Because your brain is going to lie to you in one of two ways. It’s either going to say this day was terrible when the truth is you had eight M&Ms. I totally screwed this day up. Probably kicked myself out of ketosis. There’s going to be that you that the blanket statement of you did terrible. And then there’s going to be other you that’s like I’m doing everything. I’m doing all the things, either way it’s lying to you, let’s get factual.

And the way we get factual is by writing down what we’re going to do, seeing what we actually did and then asking ourselves why the discrepancy, why is it off? What’s going on? It’s such valuable information.

Ryan: And that’s where the learning is.

Maggie: Sometimes that, just that change for people can be transforming because they’re like, “I had no idea. Now I know.” I couldn’t know before because I was unwilling to look. And that, question yourself if that’s coming up too. It’s like I don’t even want to see. That’s the epitome of you will keep self-sabotaging.  When you find yourself in a state of the unwillingness to look you will never find answers.

I’ve been talking with my clients a lot about kind of like walking into a house and you turn on the light and you’re like, “Oh shit, this is super messy.” So, you just turn the light off and walk out of the house. And you’re like, no one is – the mess is still there. You’re totally lying to yourself. You just turned the light off. And so, one of my clients references that all the time. And she’s like, “I’m so glad I have chose to keep the light on. I chose to look at the mess that I’d got to clean up.” Sometimes things come out of my mouth and I just know the way that it’s going to be perceived by people.

But the mess as in what do we want to change? Where do we want to go from here? Not the mess because you’re a mess, but the mess as in there’s some cleaning up I want to do. There’s some straightening up I want to do here. And until I can see what I’m dealing with, I can’t do anything about it. So, if I keep turning off the light, I’m never going to find solutions because I keep half assing the job. I keep getting a fourth of the way in. And trust me, dude, I have ADD. I will start a project and stop one-fourth of the way in the middle of it, one-fourth of the way in the middle.

But I mean you’ll start something so excited and so motivated and you’ll be like, “Oh, this is a disaster. I don’t want to keep doing this.” And turn the light off and walk out of the house. And it’s no, keep the light on, that’s one of the ways you keep the light on is with planning, is with saying, “I’m willing to see this. I’m willing to see what I’m actually doing.” Not so I can beat myself up so that I can be like, “Oh my gosh, I wouldn’t have even seen this if I hadn’t looked. Now I know where to look. Now I know what to try. Now I know where to even begin.”

Because before I was just like, I don’t know. This is what your brain will do, everything’s a mess. I’m a disaster. I’m so off track. I can’t get back on track. And when we make statements like that it’s like your brain’s defense mechanism just sticking up and being like, no solution, no solution, no solution. You’re blocked from any idea of what to do next because your life is a mess. What are you supposed to do with that? There’s nothing I can do with that. When my clients say that I’m like, “Okay, back up.  What is actually happening? What are the facts that we’re dealing with here?”

Because if you interpret your life as a mess you’re just going to be creating more mess. If you’re unwilling to look at what is, you will never be able to change what is.

Ryan: You’re definitely not going to try and solve any problems, that’s for sure.

Maggie: No, you’re not, and it’s a defense mechanism. You don’t have to get to work when you’re telling yourself, there is just so much going on right now that I just can’t deal with this right now. And it’s like, okay, that’s a choice you’re making, there’s so much going on. You’re choosing not to deal with this. But let’s not act like there is so much going on is the circumstance that I can’t handle and happened to me, and I’m powerless to. And hopefully once everything in my external world changes and is peaceful then I can get back to taking care of myself.

You don’t want to be doing that either. You can hold both at the same time. In fact, I recommend that you do hold both at the same time because you are no better suited for those unplanned circumstances and challenges than when you are in a good place emotionally, and physically, and mentally where you’re like, “I’ve got this, bring it on. I’ve got what it takes to deal with this.” And you know what?

One more thing I want to say about the basics package, guys, is that my – I’m not going to say my package is always basic because I just feel like I don’t love the wording of all that. But mine pretty much stays the same because what I’ve created I love. And I have no problem doing it and it doesn’t stress me out and it works well with my schedule and it works well with where I’m at in my life right now.

I love it and I want everyone else to have that opportunity too, to have a way of eating that they follow and schedule wise, food wise, all of that, that feels super good and super juicy to them. To where the jump from, I kind of feel like I’m off the path that I want to be on. And then getting back on that path, isn’t that far of a distance for me. It’s not that big of a deal and that’s just because I’m really confident in my basic protocol setup, the protocol that has been adjusted in slight ways but generally has remained the same for years at this point.

And it’s just something that you can have confidence in and you can rely on when you start feeling, oh, I’m starting to see this going in a direction I do not necessarily want to go. And you have this protocol created for you, by you that we just have to find a way to start following again until you can settle back into that juicy, comfortable place of ease that you’re looking for from your day-to-day life.

Ryan: I love it.

Maggie: Alright, I’ll see you guys next week.

Ryan: See you next week.

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