Getting Started With Ketones

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Getting Started With Ketones

1. Start with 1 Pack a Day

Start out with one pack a day. If you have any digestive upset, try dialing it back to half pack a day. Mix the full pack with 16oz of water (8-10oz for half pack). Drink within 30 minutes-1 hour.

2. Hydrate

Aim for half your weight in oz. of water per day. Water + appetite Suppression from the ketones should really keep your hunger in check.

3. Supplement Electrolytes.

Any 'keto flu" symptoms can be avoided with electrolytes. I love Electrolyze and Microboost by Keto-Beam (code: lowcarbllama for 20% off), but you can also use Ultima (found on amazon), Mito-plex by Pruvit, or sodium/magnesium/potassium supplements found in any drug store. Generously salt your food with real salt or himalyan salt. You can also drink broth and pickles juice and other ways to get in electrolytes.

4. Use the Ketones to start reducing sugar and carbs if you haven't already.

Keep keto simple so you don't get overwhelmed. Choose a meat, veggie, and fat and you can't go wrong. Try your best to eliminate bread, pasta, candy, and sweets. As you continue drinking ketones and follow a diet, your cravings will naturally lessen.

5. When to drink.

All the ketones included in the sample pack are "charged" (caffeinated). I recommend either drinking upon waking or around lunchtime. Ketones can be taken on an empty stomach or with food- they are a great tool to encourage intermittent fasting protocol. My recommendation is coffee or tea when waking up, and then waiting 3-4 hours before drinking ketones (around lunchtime). Eat your first meal when truly hungry.

6. Take a before and after pic and measurements.

Please don't expect insane results in 5 days. The point of the sample pack is to find the flavor you love. You can expect to lose bloat and feel increased mental focus and physical energy.

What can I expect from ketones?

  • Better Mood
  • Increased & Sustained Energy
  • Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Exercise Endurance
  • Reduced Cravings & Appetite Suppression
  • Reduced Bloating & Water Retention
  • Better Sleep
  • Muscle Definition & Preservation

My Daily Routine and How I Utilize Ketones

5AM Coffee with Keto Kreme (MCT + Collagen)

I used to spend money every month on a keto creamer, collagen supplement and an MCT oil supplement. Now I only use keto kreme! It contains 3 types of MCT and 4 types of collagen. The MCT keeps me full and encourages my liver to create endogenous ketones. The collagen is amazing for hair, skin and nails and promotes gut health. I love having an all in one product for the convenience and combined benefits.

8AM Drink Ketones

Helps me feel energized and focused to tackle my day. I have more patience and my mood is boosted. I confidently tackle my to-do list daily with no slowing down.

12PM Drink Ketones

Another boost to my day that suppresses my appetite and cravings until my eating window opens up. (I eat from 3pm-7pm daily)

3PM High Fat, Very Low Carb Meal

The reason I always ensure that my first meal of the day is very high fat and low/no carb is because it is satiating. It doesn't wake up a hungry monster and make me snacky until dinner. I am full and can continue my focused action for the day until dinner time.

6PM Dinner- Most of My Daily Carbs

At dinner is when I consume most of my daily carbs. The way I have my eating schedule set up allows me to not need to track anything and gives me flexibility to use all necessary carbs at dinner time.

7PM Treat- Usually Choc Zero or Keto Bar

I allow myself a treat before my eating window closes and for months it has either been a Choc Zero Keto Bark or a Perfect Keto Cinnamon or Birthday Cake Bar. (Affiliate Code: lowcarbllama to save from both companies!)

For more information on our daily routines in complete detail, listen to our podcast 'Sustaining Keto' podcast episode 08 below.

Monthly Reboot

I attribute a big part of my success to the monthly reboot. It is a 60 hour assisted fast. The reboot helps you to reset your metabolism by reprogramming your genes to run on fast for fuel.


September-December Results

This before and after picture is the result of sticking to my daily regimen and doing a reboot monthly.

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I finished my Sample Packet... What now?

If you found a flavor you like, you can visit my shop by clicking the link below to place an order.

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I want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck- the most affordable option is selecting smartship when you place your order. Save 22% with Smart Ship. Smartship is Pruvit's loyal customer program- you get 22% off all future orders and get a FREE mystery boxevery 4th month you remain on SmartShip. Each month you get an email reminder 5 days prior to your shipment, and can change your flavor, ship date or cancel at anytime. You can cancel your smartship with the click of a button.

Still Undecided? Do You Want a Variety?

The best option for you is the challenge kit. This kit can be used for 10 days (2 per day) or 20 days (1 per day). This kit includes a variety of the most popular flavors with 10 caffeinated and 10 decaf.

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Here is the Keto Kreme I drink with my coffee.

This is the only product I add to my coffee. It replaced 3 products I was buying separately each month: coffee creamer, MCT oil, and collagen.

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My first ketones are usually a "black label unleashed".

These ketones contain 30% more caffeine and ketones. They are also infused to fulvic minerals. I love using them as a pre-workout or just to get my day started.

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My second ketones are a NAT charged.

These are my go-to product for getting started on ketones.

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